Saturday, September 4, 2021

Gay Bars and Clubs in Istanbul


It's been hard to track LGBT+ venues during Covid 19 period for us also. This is a summary of recent changes we are able to obtain as of September 2021.

***In August 2020 they bought the rival Chaplin Cafe and moved to their address, where Chaplin Cafe used to be located, after operating on Imam Adnan Sokak for almost two decades

***Former Chianti Bar moved to a new address with a new name.
Rio Bar (20:00-02:00)
Address: Istiklal cad. Oğüt Sokak, No: 6, Kat 1 (1st floor), Taksim, Beyoglu.

***A new gay club was opened:
Stay Club (22:00-05:00)
Address: Imam Adnan Sok, No 8, Kat 3 Beyoglu, Istanbul

***Following venues have been closed down
Chaplin Cafe - In August 2021 it was bought by the rival gay cafe, Mor Kedi
Chianti Bar - Closed during Covid 19 period.
Durak Pub - Closed during Covid 19 period.
Club 17 - Closed during Covid 19 period.
Haspa Club - They moved to Bodrum in 2019

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Friday, September 3, 2021

Pinokyo Cafe & Bar Istanbul

In 2021 Pinokyo Bar moved to a new place on the same street right across the previous one.

Pinokyo Cafe & Bar Istanbul: Pinokyo Bar address, location map, pictures, videos, comments and reviews by Istanbul Gay Bar; the Guide of Gay Bars and Clubs in Istanbul

Guía gay de Estambul

" Pinokyo es carismo, 55€ 6cervezas y un coctel sin alcohol." Guía gay de Estambul : Guía gay de Estambul. LGBTQ bares, parques, d...